Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1955 Brochure for 'The House that HOME Built'

KCMODERN friend, Scott Butterfield did some serious scan work of 'The House that HOME Built' brochure to let us share it with our readers. The promotional brochure was designed and printed by NBC for participating builders to use in their marketing of 'The House that HOME Built.' Kansas City Modern Builder, Don Drummond gave the brochure to Scott's parents in 1955, when they were thinking about having Don build them a house. Don Drummond signed the back cover for Scott at a soiree during the Drummond Weekend in 2006.

Also note the math notation on the last image from 1955 to Scott's parents, "1680 square feet x $15 per square foot = $25,200." That is not a bad price for a Jones and Emmons designed home that was also built by Joseph Eichler. That would be $200,000 to $275,00o in today's dollars depending on what conversion you use. I would hate to have to try to build it today for $275k!

As I have mentioned before Jones and Emmons Architects went on to design the X-100 and Case Study House #24 for Joe Eichler.

Enjoy 'The House that HOME Built' in all its Mid-Century Modern goodness!

If you have not read it yet be sure to check out this article on 'The House that HOME Built.'

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Scott said...

R- This house design represents a transission in Don's work from building the smaller and nifty "Home for You in '52" ranch house plan to his "atomic" contemporay plans...The '52 was clearly his most popular home. The HTHB established his connection with the California architects Jones and Emmons and laid the groundwork for the "Castillian" house plan by that firm. Interestingly, when researching these plans in the 1980's, the story was that Don went to California and "stole" the plans, where in truth he had developed relationships with the architects. These "California" designs led to Don's wife Francie creating her own layout with the post and beam, open floor-plan grammar as told to us in a 2005 face to face interview in Carmel, CA.