Sunday, April 15, 2012

Central Missouri State University Dormitory

This is a dormitory Bill did at Central Mo. I cant seem to find pics of it complete, but it is.

Central Missouri State University Student Union

Here is another interesting project by Bill Conrad, FAIA. It is the Central Missouri State Student Union done around 1962.

Lake House by Bill Conrad, FAIA

I havent been able to figure out where this one is, but its pretty nice.

Sunset Hills Church of Christ

Came accross these design models for the Sunset Hills Church of Christ by Bill Conrad, FAIA. Bill did numerous churches across the region in his long career. I will add more as I find and scan the images.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Moving Roof

Found this news paper vote card for the stadium roof. I am not sure how old this is, it was clipped and in a book I acquired form a Kivett and Myers architects estate many years ago.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Drummond In Chicago

Don Drummond built a house designed by Harris Armstrong in Chicago.
This was part of the USG research village project built in suburban Chicago. Not sure if any of these homes still exist or not.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

David Runnels-Architect "The Revere Homes"- Roe Circle in Prairie Village, KS

As I recall in 2007, Robert McLaughlin and I met with David Runnels daughter, Jill. We collected her remembrances in an oral history. She placed in our safekeeping numerous items including plans, drawings, etc. and also numerous photograhic slides. These pics are from about 1953 to 55(?), taken by Runnels of the homes built by Don Drummond. The design was published in House Beautiful, Life magazine and numerous design books and trade publications. There were 14 of these Revere Homes built by Drummond(featuring copper plumbing, guttering and flashings, insulation, etc. Don't forget your Mom's Revere Ware!) One was found to be built near Nall and in Lawrence by a different builder, we heard was from Topeka. There could be more of these gems scattered elsewhere...

The above shot is of Jerad (Studio/Build)and Jessica Foster's house when new. The houses were originally stained with the trim painted various colors as seen in these photos. To enlarge, click on image.

In the above photo is an interesting effect by Runnels, bringing the balcony screen down to the ground. Large windows bring in fresh air and cross breezes prior to air conditioning...Below: Rear photos from a then untamed Brush Creek.

Great neighborhood pictures, I love the cars, Desotos and Studebakers. Not many trees in the Skyscape of PV back then Don provided an ample landscaping allowance as seen here...interesting to see the houses to the north on Tomahawk (all painted white) and see the contrast to these "sports-car" houses. I'll get more of these on the site soon. To see more of David Runnels see the tabs to the right...