Thursday, October 9, 2008

A quick roadtrip to Wichita.

I had the chance to take a quick trip down to Wichita, Kansas this past weekend. While I was there I cruised around some MCM neighborhoods. There are some really great MCM homes around the Wichita State University campus and many of them are in great shape. Here are a few pics from my trip. Jerad


The said...

Greetings from Wichita! Imagine my surprise to see our house in your photos! We're the red brick with the blue door - two houses north of the (amazing) FLW Allen-Lambe house. There is indeed a wide collection of MCMs here in Wichita. Ours was custom-built in 1950 (an abomination at the time!), with an addition put on in 1953. We've renovated most of it (moved here from NYC three years ago) and have another addition planned. You should have knocked - if any other KCMod readers are in the hood to see the Allen-Lambe house, stop by!

robert said...

I remember you and I thought this might be your house. Jerad took those pictures, but I think I have spoke to you before about your sliding glass doors and I think you showed some photos of your house on Lotta Living. We would love to do a house tour feature on your house sometime on our blog. I think Jerad is going back to the Allen-Lambe house sometime soon.

The said...

Hey Robert -

That is indeed us. We ended up putting in new commercial-grade aluminum floor/ceiling glass panels and a new oversized slider. It looks great, was reasonably priced, and the energy cost savings have been significant. That would be fun to do a tour feature. We've just finished installing the slate to match what is inside (tile guys: "why do you want it the same inside and outside?"). Email me at when you are next in town - we'd be happy to have you or Jerad over for coffee before or after your tour.

I have only about a billion photos of the renovation - I'd be happy to share them (I know I love seeing other's renovation snaps) if you end up wanting to do a photo tour. Let me know.