Sunday, February 15, 2009

Victor Beutner, Architect- "What's the Story on That House"?

Driving in KCMO on 39th Street east of Troost, you'll come across this home by architect Victor Beutner, who built it for himself in 1911. An example of the Prairie Style, this house is built of wood, masonry and stucco.
Today, the cedar tree is still there, the trellis is missing and "burglar" bars have been installed on the windows. This is an interesting area in our city, clearly wealthy and progressive in it's time. The form and mass of the structure is strongly reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright's design for Unity Temple in Oak Park, Illinois which was built on a flat site... this is built on what today we would call a "walkout" lot. It's fascinating to think this was the suburb of it's day.


Fein1 said...

This house is published in the KC AIA architectural Guide book. I have always wondered if it was still there. Now I know.

Thank you,

Scott said...

It looks a little worse for wear, but still there.I know it was in the Landmarks Commision Guidebook from 1978...I'll have to check my AIA Guidebook, Thanks for the tip.

robert said...

Good one Scott! I would love to know more about this house. Is it in the older AIA guidebook or the newer one?

Scott said...

Robert- I tried but couldn't find much out about him or his work...I have some feelers out and will let you know if I find more info...

Nate Hofer said...
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Nate Hofer said...

Hey all, this seems to be a Louis Curtiss house! Beutner was the client. Also, seems that it's on the demo list.


Cool house. What can we do to save it?

nate hofer

Nate Hofer said...

This house may be in danger of demolition.

Obviously it's currently uninhabited and below is evidence to support that the owner is deceased and that the city may be scheduling a demolition:

My fiance and I found an obit for a "Mable Lee". This name is based upon a name found in two places.

"Mable Page" here in a city document condemning the home (provided in the kcrag forum):

"Mable Page Lee" here (with 1311 addy):
Jackson County Republican Committee Chairwomen

"Mable Lee" obit:

So I think if we assume the owner is deceased, our next question is: Now what? Because there's nothing in the above documentation that really provides real insight to what will happen to this house.

Who can help us at least understand this situation and maybe at most help ensure this house is preserved?

Scott said...

Awesome input! I love getting info we can pursue...I'll verify and we'll get a new post up, courtesy of you, thanks

nuge said...

FYI on this house: it's on the Dangerous Buildings List right now, but the neighborhood is working with the city to remove it from the list and find a buyer. The house is currently for sale. If anyone is interested, get in touch with the Squier Park Neighborhood Association on Facebook. The task of preserving the house from the wrecking ball has fallen to them, as the current owners of the house seem not to care.

MChannell said...

...current info on the house!